SoundBytes – Bite size demos

This page showcases smaller (bite size) demo content seen in the longer Unity Demo Reel in the Portfolio section. Please note that the content will start at specific time points in the demo reel but will continue playing into other sections. I have included the time points covered in each section so  you can stop the demo at your convenience to peruse other sections of interest and not have to watch the reel in its entirety each time.


Dynamic Music and Combat Zone Scripting

This showcases scripting original dynamic music that changes based on certain interactions between the player and enemies and specific regions in the game. (PLAYED: 6:49 – 8:35)



Dynamic Audio for Low Health and Health Scripting

This showcases dynamic audio I created that involved scripting an original mechanism of providing audio feedback related to low health. (PLAYED: 5:50 – 6:48)



Mech Enemy Sound Effects and Motor Scripting

This showcases the creation of the Mech enemy sound effects, and the editing of the Mech Enemy script to vary the pitch and volume of the running motor based on the speed and motion of the mech enemy themselves. (PLAYED:  2:55 – 3:47)



Buzzer Enemy Sound Effects and Scripting

This showcases the creation of the Buzzer enemy sound effects and the editing of the buzzer enemy scripts to control variable velocity and pitch of the buzzer sounds. (PLAYED: 3:48 – 4:37)



Airlock Door Sound Effects

This showcases a soundscape that reflected the intricate and dynamic motion of the airlock doors mechanical movement. (PLAYED: 4:55 – 5:49)